Tue 28 Apr 2020

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Cats and masters are not master-servant relationships, and it would be better to think of them as equal friends. It is this relationship that is unique. On the other hand, the cat regards the owner as a parent and loves to be like a child. When he feels lonely, he will climb the master’s knee, or jump to the newspaper that is spread out, and show his grace. Cats often clean their hair. Kittens often squat in the body, which is self-cleaning. After the meal, the cat will wipe the beard with the front paws and be licked by the tongue after being hugged. After the owner stroked the cat, the cat licked the place where he was stroked: the cat was remembering the taste of the person because it was worried that he could not find the owner after being separated from the owner. Many people mistakenly believe that this is a cat that is dirty. When the cat is happy, the tail will stand up or make a snoring sound. When the cat is angry, he will shake his tail. If you make it angry, it may slam into you. The cat’s voice can not only convey information, but also express feelings, so the master can understand and communicate with it through observation and judgment.