Tue 28 Apr 2020

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The so-called “cat’s body language” is the cat’s ears, tail, hair, mouth, body to express their mood and desire. If a cat stays at the feet of a person, beside him, if you use your head to lick you, you will like your performance. If the cat smothers a scent that is secreted from the mouth, it means that it wants to take it for yourself. The cat’s food tray should be fixed and cannot be replaced. Cats are sensitive to changes in the food tray and sometimes refuse to eat because they change their food trays. Keep the food tray clean. Newspapers or plastic paper can be placed under the food tray to prevent the sound of the food tray from slipping and easy to clean. Feeding should be fixed at regular intervals. Once the cat eats food, it will be fixed and should not be changed at will. The place where the cat food is placed should be fixed. The cat does not like to eat in the noisy sound and the place where the strong light is shining. If there is a guest visiting, do not let the guest see your cat when the cat eats. The appearance of a stranger will greatly reduce the cat’s appetite.