Wed 22 Jul 2020

DIY storage hole plate making - SooPush

Beautiful, elegant, convenient, generous… Well, the key is to decorate the rest of the board I can use. Take out the wooden board (the size of the board is 120cm*60cm), and determine the size to start the scribing. The space is 5cm in front and rear, and the vertical line is every 10cm. The vertical line is drawn, and the horizontal line is 7.5 cm apart. After the line is drawn, the drill can be on the scene. Be prepared to punch holes. Before punching, you must first find a piece of waste board to test whether the size of the drill bit and the wooden stick is appropriate. The wood chips are cleaned and the lines are wiped off. The small saw cuts off the stick and the cross section is sanded and smoothed. Finally, hang the hole plate, insert the wooden stick, and put the partition on it. Final rendering