Wed 22 Jul 2020

40 Beautiful Lighting Design - Page 37 of 40 - SooPush

In the field of space design, lighting has become a necessary means of shaping high-quality indoor spaces. Lighting should not only meet visual needs, but should be an important part of the design. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s dietary requirements are no longer limited to food and clothing, but more pursuit of the atmosphere. We divide the light into cold and warm, different light sources give people different emotions, cool to make people clear, warm to make people warm, cool and warm colors can be used to highlight the space’s rendering and layering. The fusion with space presents its own beauty and becomes the carrier of space. Combining the size of the space, the combination of furniture, the functional requirements of various rooms, the matching of the light and shades of the light, and so on, the careful design arrangement will add unlimited visual beauty to the whole space, and will better enhance the overall quality.